Team building is crucial for success in business

It has been said that your business is only as effective as your worst employee. That is a sobering thought and should cause anyone in business to ensure, as best they can, that they have an engaged workforce. Team building is motivating a group of people to work together effectively. There are many ways to promote and enhance teamwork in your staff that will increase motivation and promote cooperation. Outstanding managers are very aware of the importance of teamwork in their organizations and lead by example to create a culture of trust and cooperation. The recognition that employees are a company’s best asset is a priority in well-managed businesses. The process of building teamwork through engagement of employees involves many of these practices: Building skill sets of staff members. Conceiving innovative ideas. Collaborating and cooperation. Setting individual and team goals. Building trust in co-workers. Training and development. Hiring and retaining top notch employees. Motivating and supporting managers and employees. Coaching for improvement at all levels. Enhancement of social relations. Teamwork is applicable and important for small businesses as well as large corporations. Of all U.S. businesses, 99.7 percent are classified as small businesses. Small businesses are defined as those companies with 500 or fewer employees. These businesses employ 48 percent of the private workforce. They have a lot to gain from these proven human resources practices that will help them grow and be able to recruit and retain the best talent needed to run their businesses successfully. There are many team-building activities, including games and events, that can be effective. Having fun at work and participating in team building will result in a more cohesive and energized workforce. Meaningful experiences will build trust, which is the basis for an engaged, effective and productive team. Learning to rely on teammates and working with a cooperative spirit will result in the successful attainment of common goals. Highly engaged employees and working together in teams are strategically linked. When these two are prevalent, outcomes and profitability are at a higher level and result in many of these outcomes: Higher customer ratings. Increased profitability. Higher level of productivity. Controlled turnover. Decrease in absenteeism. Lees shrinkage (thefts). Higher quality products. Wider sense of ownership. There are three different kinds of employees:. engaged, not engaged and disengaged. Every company’s goal is to have a more highly engaged group of employees. Just as the engaged employees contribute to a business’ success, the disengaged employees are at work to tear down within the company. There is no “I” in team. However, individuals benefit from teamwork on a personal level, commensurate with the learning and contributing of good ideas from team members for the business as a whole. Building on each other’s skills creates more positive results in the workplace and everyone experiences a higher level of fulfillment and success. Source :

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